Higher Grounds

This coffee roasting company began as a direct outgrowth of Jody and Chris Treter’s work with farmers in Chiapas. They offer only 100% fair trade, organic, shade grown artisinal coffee, whilesupporting and spearheading grassroots initiatives in the communities of their farming partners, as well as their own community in Traverse City, Michigan. All local deliveries of beans are made by bike, even in the rain and snow. They wholesale their beans and operate a coffee house One of our favorite things about Higher Grounds is their refusal to encourage disposable culture. Instead of cardboard cups, they maintain a supply of secondhand coffee mugs (which customers return on their own honor). The Change worked on Higher Grounds’ logo, language, and interior design elements. Chelsea, who lives within pajama distance of the coffee house continues to work on design elements for this exemplar company.