The Heartsong Pepper Brews and Heartsong Chai represent an extremely rare category of product, namely natural beverages made on a local level with a community consciounsess.  Heartsong, based in Rogue Valley, Oregon was founded to provide right livelihoods for employees and a healthy, ethically-sourced alternative to corporate beverages. As owners, Elizabeth Bretco and Chad Derosier, put it, their goal is “to  revitalize people, while revitalizing business as an ecologically responsible and respectable part of community.” They produce and serve their products in a warm, welcoming atmosphere created in a former Pizza Hut. Their spices are ground by bicycle power. And their biggest marketing activity is serving their tea for free from their “tea temple” at Burning Man. The Change collaborated with Heartsong to design their Pepper Brew logo, refine the Heartsong logo, to design their bottle labels and tea boxes, along with POS materials.